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Cardboard Christianity

Posted by Laurie Giampietro on September 25, 2012 at 9:05 PM

I asked my friend why I didn't see

her in church on Sunday morning,

And this is what she said to me,

"I was busy."

"Busy?" I asked. "What could be more important than

Hearing about Christ's salvation plan?"

She replied, "I can't worry about saving my soul.

I'm too busy trying to save those

Who are beaten down, neglected and poor.

While you were sitting on that wooden pew,

I was downtown seeing an unwed mother through

Something no one that young should ever have to face.

Open your eyes. Stop reading the church bulliten

Long enough to see the need in every place."

"But what about fellowship?" (See

I was secretly wondering if it had to do with me.)

She sort of laughed and sort of cried,

"Fellowship is offering a helping hand to

Those thousands, no millions, outside

The narrow blinders I had been guilty

Of wearing for so long.

What is a song

Of praise worth when kids are crying themselves to sleep

Because their mom and dad can't afford anything to eat.

I felt attacked by her ire so I rebutted

"But I give my tithes. I pay my dues.

Let others put that money to use."

She looked at me and shook her head

And replied, "Faith without works is dead!

My tithe, my offering is my time

And I give more than ten percent.

I'm fighting for equality, to protect the innocent

From the slings and arrows and stones

Others so callously through.

I give my heart to His works,

And  you come here in judgement

Up in my face being a jerk?

Questioning the sincerity of my faith?

I tell you what. I'm going to go DO.

You can sit on the uncomfortable pew.

The she left carrying blankets and shoes.

I understood. I was no longer confused.

So, if you don't see me in church next Sunday,

Don't worry that I'm not there.

Don't worry about my salvation

Because God's house is everywhere.

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