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There's Nothing I Like More

Posted by Laurie Giampietro on May 26, 2012 at 11:30 PM

Than the scent of old books. I know. It's weird and something I will run across less and less as times goes by.

Books are supposed to go the way of most newspapers, disappearing into the ether only to be seen in movies

and heard of in legends.

But, I've done my part. I have enough books to insulate our bedroom one book deep. Some are antique, some

are old and well loved, and some are almost new. Everyone of them has been or will be read. My mom wondered

if I had grown out of it (reading) at my age.

Of course I haven't. If anything, I read more.

So pick up a book and give it a good home.

Categories: Thoughts and Conundrums

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