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Musings from a girl who sometimes draws the things she sees.

Hello! Welcome to My Site!

I am a writer, an artist and dreamer.

My family, my life, and my dreams are my inspiration. 

My passion is poetry, but I also pen the occasional short story and currently have two novels in the works.

I am proud to say I live in a little town called Sparta, TN. The country is beautiful here. If I wish to see the countryside  in England, Scotland or Germany,  all I have to do is drive a few miles and I'm there. Sparta is located in White County, on the Cumberland Plateau.

My stories are sometimes inspired by the scenery.

I have studied mythology, folklore and religion most of my life. Ever since I learned to read and check books out of my elementary school library, I've devoured every book I could get my hands on. 

I can promise the journey will be interesting.

I plan to make this site focus on my writing and my art. I will also be adding links to local folklore. I may even add a forum where I will answer questions or where my visitors can ask questions.

Come back often

*The word "Bluestocking" is an old occupational name  for a literary woman, more to the point for female writer. I liked the term and decided to use it for my journal as a nod to those who have come before.

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